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Fox Cockpit Cover

Nylon Cockpit Cover

Fox Cockpit Cover

Here is a custom cockpit cover for Fox. While the long cockpit is a positive feature on the water it sure catches lots of wind on the highway when car topping the boat.

Our cover is made of heavy tear-resistant cargo cover material treated for UV protection. The perimeter is made from a tenacious grippy nylon with an adjustable bungee cord rim attachment, also included are two hull straps. All seams are double-stitched. Best of all it’s custom made to fit the Fox cockpit.

US: Fox Cockpit Cover  $88 + 8 shipping

Canada: Fox Cockpit Cover  $88 + $24 shipping

US Orders

Fox Cockpit Cover (black)
$88 (plus $8 shipping)

Canadian Orders

Fox Cockpit Cover (black)
$88 (plus $24 Canadian shipping)