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Day Hatch Kit

Kayak Seat Kit, designed for the willow kayak but fits many others..
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Day Hatch Kit

A day hatch accessible from the cockpit is a handy option on a sea kayak. It is a huge benefit to have safety gear, snacks, water, sun screen and other items off the kayak deck and safely stored but still easily reached while on the water.

This Day Hatch is designed as an option for the Willow. Included are a 6” hatch and rim, a 4mm plywood bulkhead, mounting hardware and instructions.

Day hatch kit:  $90+ $10 shipping

Canada: Day hatch kit: $90. + $24 shipping

US Orders

Day Hatch Kit -
$90 (plus $10 shipping)

Canadian Orders

Day Hatch Kit -
$90 (plus $24 shipping)