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Kayak Footbraces

Kayak Seat Kit, designed for the willow kayak but fits many others..
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These are some of the nicest kayak footbraces I’ve seen. Adjustment is easy because the adjustment lever extends aft and can be reached while seated in the cockpit.  The footpads are solid and simply can’t pop off under pressure. The standard pad can be replaced with a pivoting pad for use with a rudder. Instead of using a through hull bolt for mounting, these ship with mounting studs that are glued to the inside of the hull.

US: Footbraces $38 + $8 shipping

Canada: Footbraces: $38. + $24 shipping

US Orders

Kayak Footbraces - $38
(plus $8 shipping)

Canadian Orders

Kayak Footbraces - $38
(plus $24 shipping)