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Kayak Seat

Kayak Seat Kit, designed for the willow kayak but fits many others..
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Kayak Seat

This seat is custom designed for the Willow, but works in most kayaks. The back is attached to the seat bottom so it does not twist or get in the way during re-entries and is cut low to allow unimpeded bracing and rolling. This is the perfect solution for people who demand better bracing and control. The seat bottom is made of 2 layers of 3/8" closed cell foam covered in neoprene for a soft ride that doesn't raise your center of gravity. Large hook and loop patches hold the seat base in place. All mounting hardware and instructions are included.

US: Seat: $90. + $8 shipping

Canada: Seat: $90. + $24 shipping


US Orders

Kayak Seat - $90
(plus $8 shipping)

Canadian Orders

Kayak Seat - $90
(plus $24 shipping)