Registered Maine Guide

 "Fly Rod" CrosbyA little history......

Maine Guides were first licensed in 1897. The first licensed guide was a woman - "Fly Rod" Crosby (pictured right) 1700 guides were licensed that first year. Guiding was primarily for hunters and fishermen and big game hunting was the mainstay. Soon Inland fishing and canoe trips also gained in popularity.

For many years, a Maine Guide was not required to submit to any standardized testing. Interested parties simply had to pass muster with the local game warden. If he considered you qualified and fit to guide in the outdoors, presto! You were duly registered as a Maine guide! In 1975, a standardized test and procedure was established for licensing of Maine guides.

Presently there are approximately 4000 licensed Maine guides. Most operate as small independent businesses.

Maine Guides provide a unique perspective gained through experience!