Used Boats


Here is a collection of used or prototype boats for sale. The current offerings are listed below with descriptions and prices.  All boats are 'as is' and might need finishing or refinishing. No repair work is required as they are sound boats. If you would like us to refinish a used boat before you pick it up, please contact us for a quote.

For sale, Iain Oughtred Skerrieskiff 15 with new trailer.

This is a new boat and has spent two season on the water. It’s set up as a rowing version but I have installed the daggerboard trunk and mast step.  The Skerrieskiff is a fine pulling boat and, if rigged with a sail a great day sailor.  She’s suitable for short day trips or camping among the islands of Maine.  She’s light and easy to trailer. I need to clean out the barn. As is or I can build a sail rig for her.

$2400 for the boat or $2900 with the trailer.


Iain Oughtred Skerrieskiff 15


Iain Oughtred Skerrieskiff 15 on a trailer


Iain Oughtred Skerrieskiff


Mischief hull

Coming mid winter.

This is the final version of Mischief. I need to assemble one more boat as I preped the final plans. The desing is 6 years old and at least 10 have been built. The boat will be ready to sand and paint. I'll add a photo once she's ready. ( This photo is a finished boat)




Willow V

Willow V

willow cockpit


This has been an on again off again boat for sale. Now it's on again.The Willow V is the kayak I paddled and worked out of for 4 years. It's the secound of the Willow designs, a great boat but I don't need 4 kayaks.

This kayak is 17’8” long with a beam of 22.5”.  She's fast stable and tracks well without a rudder.There is a day hatch aft of the cockpit. This boat is built heavy with reinforcements on the deck and keel. The weight is about 50 pounds.

Paint and varnish are fair. $1,200.





First Willow

First Willow


This is first boat in the evaluation of the Willow design.  I built a number of these with students and paddled this particular boat for two season.

The boat is 17’7” long with a beam of 23”. It’s stable tracks well and

does not need a rudder. It’s equipped with a day hatch and weighs about 45

pounds. Both the varnish and paint could to be renewed.  $1,200 as is or

$1500 with new paint and varnish.



Small kayak

Smaller kayak




This is 15’8” long kayak with a beam of 23”. It’s a stable boat for a smaller, less then 135 pound paddler.  The design tracks best with a rudder and I’ve installed a top shelf unit with fixed footbraces.  This boat is in very nice condition with nearly new paint and varnish. It weighs less the 40 pounds. $1200



Early Fox

Early Fox


Here the 2nd prototype for the Fox design. I really like this boatl but decided I’d drifted a bit off my design brief once I had the hull together. The hull shape is more akin to a kayak then a decked canoe. I’ll revisit the design soon and might find it a good jumping off point for the smaller kayak design I’m working on. This is a building project but I’ll include the plywood and parts for the deck.  14’7” long with a beam of 28 1/2”. Hull with deck. $650



Rubin's Nymph


This is a Phil Bolger Rubin’s Nymph. It’s great and stable tender with a huge capacity. The boat is complete and ready for sanding and paint. $600.